Day 12: Concert at Goethe Zentrum in Thiruvananthapuram

Daily Movie:

Scylla and Flowin IMMO in India – Day 12: Concert in Thiruvananthapuram

We played at the Goethe Zentrum Thiruvananthapuram and had a lot of fun! Here also a videolink to our "Zugabe" in Malayalam:

Gepostet von Scylla am Freitag, 18. Januar 2019

One last dip in the Ocean, one last coconut for breakfast and we were on our way to the big city.

Charles got two porters to carry our suitcases up the hill. Tough dudes, who carry heavy loads on the head!

Sadiq dropped us of at the Windsor Hotel around 14:30h, for the first time on hour trip we had three single rooms on the 8th floor. Great view over Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.

We jumped into the pool and were ready for pickup at 16h to go to the Goethe Zentrum for setup and soundcheck.

This is where we met Bobby, who Haase had been in touch with for the coordination of our concert. The Goethe Zentrum is a language school, but they also host cultural events in their garden, where a small amphitheater is set up.

A huge backdrop with our names had been printed and the sound crew was almost ready for us. A group of young german students was there and eager to try their first real life small talk with Germans, and take some selfies, of course.

Djidin, the sound guy, was very cooperative and soundcheck was done quickly, we even setup our recording devices to record individual tracks of the music for later mixing.

After soundcheck we went to the front of the house and met a few young men, who had been studying german for the past few months, as they are planning to come to Germany to continue their engineering studies. Their german was pretty good already, although they also had not had a normal conversation with a native german. Communication is fun!

The theater filled up pretty quickly and we started playing on time, splitting our set into three parts: first Flowin Immo , then Scylla and finally the collaboration of both acts.

The Kerala crowd reacted well, and things got wild, when for the last number some words in their language called Malayalam were used instead of german words. They proposed Sundaren (beautiful man) and quickly Sundari (beautiful woman) was added. Sundaren Sundari !

After the show, we were presented with a gift basket of almonds, cashew, dates, raisins and some chocolate sweets, and we had to take one group selfie after another.

You can see a lot of photos from the show here:

We packed our instruments and were taken back to the Hotel, had dinner and went to bed after an exciting day in beautiful Kerala, the land of the coconut!

Day 10 : Rooftop Session for real!

Coconut, Fruit Salad and a dip in the sea for breakfast. Add a scoop of ice cream and some coffee.

Ready to set up the rooftop session before lunch. The sun is relentless. burning down on us, the bodies sweating, the machines melting.

But still, we were done in time, to get some good food at Anitha’s and then beginn at 16:30 with less heat and still enough light.

We played a session and then suddenly the electricity was gone. Vincent, who was working the reception, kindly offered to switch on the generator so we could continue. 

Charles dropped by and started live streaming , although most of the music could only be heard on our headphones… Great setting on top of the Vedic Heritage Boutique Hotel, overlooking Kovalam. 

Scylla recording a music video on the rooftop

Gepostet von Vedic Heritage am Dienstag, 15. Januar 2019

The electricity once again disappeared after two to three sessions, but came back so we finished the day with a piece called „Strom“, german for Electricity. 

Packing up went quickly and in the fleeting daylight, but then the Gigabytes of material had to be transferred to hard disk. Johannes and Johannes went to the beach to find the place for dinner, as Immo kept feeding the computer with todays data and typing the blog. 

152 Gigabyte later time for dinner…

While the data transfer was still running Johannes and Johannes tried to go for a little evening swim in the dark, when they were caught and yelled at by Kovalam Police. A serene goes of for about a minute at 18h to get everybody out of the water… the ocean is closed for the day….

Here is the daily movie:

Day 10: Kovalam Rooftop Sessions

We did some live Recordings on top of Vedic Heritage Boutique Hotel, the music you hear was created on this day.

Gepostet von Scylla am Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019


We met at ABC , which was the first ever restaurant in Kovalam back in 1977, things have changed since then…. Dinner was delicious and we finished things off with a Kerala Cocktail at fusion bar.

Back at the Hotel we skipped through the sessions we recorded today, dope results with just about 7 Songs/Jams.