Day 15: Khar Road, Juhu Beach and Big fat Indian Wedding

Waking up on a sunday on Linking Street it was incredibly quiet. People were playing badminton, where before there was constant traffic, the shops were closed, the market not open. Does that mean, there is something like a sunday in Mumbai? By lunchtime it was clear: it is only during the morning hours. Some stores stayed closed, but all of the street hustle was back.

We had looked on the internet, if we could find a nicer hotel, but as the Photos for the Linkway Hotel looked nice on the internet as well, we decided to look at them in real life.

Getting a rikshaw to drive us with the taximeter on still wasn’t possible, as the drivers waiting on the street corner quickly discussed, what they would charge us, for our planned route.

In the end we went with Sam Sam, a young guy, taking us to Khar Road Station first. But not so fast: a policemen stopped us, as we were going the wrong way down a oneway street, but Sam Sam did some talking and we could continue. A hotel that Haase knew was freshly renovated and incorporated into the omnipresent OYO group, a huge chain of indian hotels.

Buttlar and Haase checked out the room, while Immo waited in the rikshaw.

Next stop was a different hotel from the OYO group, but it was not as nice as the first one.

So on to Juhu Beach, where a good looking hotel was waiting, but as we then found out, they do not rent out to foreigners, as it is still too new! Only Indians can rent rooms, but no unmarried couples!

So after being discriminated for not being indian, we had to fight our hurt feelings with food, and a cold Pepsi.

In front of the store a young man was preparing Paan and Haase had to try.

A variety of ingredients was put on a leaf and finally folded together and after Haase put it in his mouth, he looked like he had been beaten up!

Our rolling tobacco reserves were almost gone so we were trying to find a kiosk that sold some. Not so easy. Every Kiosk was selling long rolling papers and cigarettes, but no tobacco. What do they do with the papers then?

We were told, there was a kiosk at Kings Hotel, which we finally found after asking two more times. We bought what we needed and were still standing

there, when two Motorcycle Cops arrived on one motorbike, waived at the salesman and took of with two single cigarettes in their hand….

Daily Video Part 1:

Day 15: Part 1 – Juhu Beach

Looking for a new home in Mumbai, we went to Khar West and Juhu Beach

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Imran Khan had invited us to come see him and the Khan family play at a big fat Indian wedding at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai east.

The taxi ride there was exciting, as the sun was setting , and we finally made it through the gates, as all the cars were checked for contraband or explosives.

Bride and Groom were sitting under a Cannopee made out of roses, pretty much everything was covered with roses.

A big buffet was open, with all types of tasty food, but we still had not found the Khan family, were we at the wrong wedding?

Then we heard familiar sounds from a little further away in a different area. We went there, and the whole theme changed from red to green, a area the size of a football field was filled with tables, seats and couches, a big stage with a single couch was set up and the Khan family was just finishing up their soundcheck.

There were somewhere between 1000-2000 Guests, astonishing to see something like that.

We hung around with the Khans for a little while after their Gig, but the took a walk towards the street, to find a cab. Turns out it was going to be a rickshaw.

After a hell of a ride, we arrived at Khar Road Station and called it a night.

Daily Video Part 2:

Day 15 Part 2 Big Fat Indian Wedding

Day 15 Part 2 Big Fat Indian Wedding

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